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Benjamin and Joe Parks, South Korea

Posted on January 16, 2014

“Planting New Churches in 2014 It has been 8 month since Jae and I returned to Korea and Planted Banpo BBC in Seoul with Pastor Taepyung Lee. It was a very needed time of adjustment for us.”
“ A couple of weeks ago, we had a chance to visit a country church to preach as they celebrated their 48th anniversary. This is one of the churches that missionary Frank Shiver started in the 60’s. The Lord blessed this ministry all through the years and it is an influential church in Kyung-buk region among Bible Baptist Churches.”
“When Jae and I got there on that Saturday afternoon, Pastor Woon-sik Kim took us to another city called Andong, where we met Bro. Byugn-seon Chung, whom I have met before, and who was preparing to start a church there. He has secured a 4th floor of a building in downtown of the city for a minimal rent. It looks like the new church will be officially started in Feb., 2014. Please pray for us as we want to help and be a blessing to this new ministry.”
“On this trip I met another young preacher, Bro. Jin-seok Lim, who also wants to start a church in the city of Kimcheon, which is another city in the region. We do not have any Fundamental Independent Baptist work in these cities. In fact, there many cities and towns that need Bible Preaching Baptist Churches. I need your prayers as I seek God’s will and wisdom for these opportunities to start Fundamental Independent Baptist Churches in these places.”
2020, One Million Soulwinning Conference BBC fellowship pastors in Korea has had a cooperate soulwinning program for the last several years. They call this program ‘2020, One Million Souls to Christ’. There was the 2nd annual pastors’ conference last week in Daejeon City, and about 40 churches were represented in this meeting. They reported that since their first meeting in Dec. of 2012, about 3,500 souls were led to the Lord among these churches.”
“My heart was filled with excitement and joy for their sincere desire to fulfill the Great Commission in their ministries.”

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