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Arnold and Leslie Belasco, Spain

Posted on August 26, 2014

“One could call these past three years in Spain a good first term. However, since the resignation from a tradesman in a family business, to a Bible college student, followed by a period of deputation, leading to three years on the foreign field, the reality is our first term has been ten years.”
“At this time in 2004, preparations were underway to begin one of the most drastic life changes that a family could make. Following God’s lead, we readied ourselves for ‘transition’ to become a way of life. Our move would be more than geographical or basic career change. It would be, that which has been normal for all in the family is about to become new, and in some cases, strange. Then, when the new becomes the norm, it changes again and again, to the point where transition is the norm.”
“We sailed from America on May 14, 2011 and arrived in Spain 14 days later with the singleness of mind to plant an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. Our initial two years with veteran missionaries was a gift of God’s grace and something I would recommend for every new foreign missionary. The Mowery family will now forever be part of our ministry. April of 2013 God put us in the city of Torrente just outside of Valencia. It was clear that we were to begin in a rented facility. God provided the location and the tenant improvement was under way. Out first service was blessed with nineteen in attendance and tears of amazement filled my eyes as I attempted to direct the second hymn of the morning. How is it that God could use a door hanger inviting my brother’s family to church (in Tucson, AZ) to bring about the planting of a church in Spain? Our God is an Awesome God!”
“I’m now writing this prayer letter from my father’s home in Tucson as we begin our first furlough. Though our heart is divided between the church in Torrente and those we love in America, we are full of peace and humbled as there is now a called-out assembly of believers carrying on in the work which God called us to start.”
“We would like you to praise the Lord with us, as for this term the mission has been accomplished.”

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