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Garry and Nancy Mathney, Romania

Posted on March 20, 2014

“Praise 1) We had the best furlough we have had in almost 23 years of being missionaries! We thank the Lord for it and the brothers and sisters of Pastor Marvin McKenzie’s church in Puyallup WA, who were a big help and a great encouragement. We were able to have all of our children and grandchildren together for the holidays.”
“2) The Romanian man, Bro. Constantin, who I left in charge, did a great job for us and we were greatly encouraged by the work he and his dear wife were able to do. God’s people were faithful to the church and some new people are attending to learn more about our God.”
“Prayer: 1) We plan to put the Layman’s Biblical Handbook on the internet in Romanian. This will be free for the Romanians and it seems as though it is like a gift Nancy and I can give to the whole country of Romania as there is nothing online for free for them to read on the great doctrines of the Bible. There will be over 180 doctrines of the Bible and the plan of salvation is presented in it several times. Please pray that God will use it to open people’s eyes to the need of salvation and what it is.”
“2) The next two weeks are Romanian holidays for the ladies in Romania and we hope to capitalize on this to reach people for Christ. Also on the 29th of March we are hosting a ladies’ conference. The special guest speaker is a lady missionary whose field of service is in Germany. Several churches have already been invited for this. Pray that all will go well, the conference, lessons, and food.”
“Special thanks for your faithfulness through the years in your support and prayers.”

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