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Kenny and Kalie Keck

Posted on June 12, 2014

“Getting Culture Every missionary has to adapt to the culture in which God has placed them in order to minister more affectively. As Kalie and I settle in to PNG, we are adapting to the culture. Working alongside my dad with the people I grew up with, I’ve realized that they see me as the missionary’s kid and not a missionary myself. In the New Guinea culture the mark of becoming a man is that he grow a beard, get married and have children. So, since I only met one of these prerequisites, I have been growing a beard, and the children part is up to God. I had a man at church this past Wednesday tell me that now I am a true PNB man. So, the beard must be working. Kalie has enjoyed meeting many ladies, and the ladies at church have also enjoyed seeing Kalie wearing the traditional ladies dress that they call a ‘meriblaus’. They look similar to the Hawaiian mumu dress and are usually vibrant in color and pattern.”
“Getting Involved Since arriving in PNG, I have had the opportunity to preach at Bible Baptist in Wandumi Village three times. I have enjoyed preaching in Pidgin, and it has helped me get back into the language quickly. Dad wants me to start a series in Romans on Sunday afternoon, and I am looking forward to starting this coming Sunday. In the New Guinea public schools, each week, there is an hour of class time devoted to religious instruction. During this time, different religions are given classrooms and the students choose which class to attend. This last Wednesday, I had the privilege of teaching seventy high schoolers God’s Word.”
“Getting Settled My parent’s have an apartment under their house that Kalie and I have been making our home. We are looking forward to our container getting here, so we can have our personal belongings and some furniture. We also got our New Guinea drivers licenses, but Kalie is still getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road, not to mention through rivers.”

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