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Larry and Dawn, Nelson, Australia

Posted on July 31, 2014

“One of our chief desires is for our people to get and maintain a heart for missions – Australian churches planting new churches both in this nation and beyond. This is happening as national churches take the gospel to the ‘regions beyond’. As they follow your own example, in the past 12 months the church in Wanneroo has given substantially to Faith Promise Missions, supporting Australian national church-planters and missionaries. The commitment of our local congregation has grown for which I rejoice in the Lord. After months of planning, we have also sent a team of seven young people to the Islands of Vanuatu to work with a couple of the Australian missionaries. This two-week mission trip was led by our youth pastor, Mark and his wife. Mark has also been preaching in the jungle villages where several adults received Christ and four were baptized, as a new church is being planted. I am looking forward to how these reports will encourage and challenge our people in their witnessing and concern for souls.”
“Closer to home, we have been assisting a small church in a nearby town of Northam because the missionary/pastor had to return to the States for a short period. While he is away, we have been sending preachers to them for the Sunday services. The small congregation is very grateful and the confidence of our preachers is stronger as they see visible results. When their missionary returns we will consider how we can be of further encouragement to this church. For their size, they own remarkable facilities and are well positioned to reach their community for Christ. This has been a very difficult area to reach with the gospel for a number of years now, so together we are praying and trusting the Lord for the next stage.”
“During the week our young mother’s group has been going along steadily. Thankfully, two more ladies from the church have joined in to help. Also, the outreach in the two nursing-home facilities is growing.”

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